The Puppet-EOS module is developed by Arista EOS+ CS and supported by the Arista EOS+ community. Support for the module as well as using Puppet with Arista EOS nodes is provided on a best effort basis by the Arista EOS+ CS team and the community. Support for the puppet-enterprise agent extension is provided by PuppetLabs.

For customers looking for a premium level of support, please contact your local Arista account team or email for assistance.

Submitting Issues

The Arista EOS+ CS development team uses Github Issues to track discovered bugs and enhancement request to the Puppet-EOS module.

For defect issues, please provide as much relevant data as possible as to what is causing the issue, if and how it is reproducible, the version of EOS and Puppet being run.

For enhancement requests, please provide a brief description of the enhancement request, a use case, and the version of EOS to be supported.

The issue tracker is monitored by Arista EOS+ CS and issues submitted are categorized and scheduled for inclusion in upcoming Puppet-EOS versions.