Release 1.4.0 - January 2016

Known Issues

  • The minimum recommended 2015.x Puppet agent is 2015.3.2

    Early versions of the 2015.x puppet agent for EOS do not store configuration in persistent storage on the switch which can cause the node to create a new SSL private-key and certificate request after each reload. Use at least release 2015.3.2 (v4.3.2), puppet-agent-1.3.5-1.eos4.i386.swix



  • Ensure order of array does not affect idempotency (70)

    This resolves several potential, but rare, issues. In the event that a port-channel is in a state where some members were up and others not, Puppet could receive the list of members out of order, and believe that one or more members were not properly configured, reapplying their config. (4 6)

  • eos_vlan provider does not properly set trunk_groups (38)

    The eos_vlan provider now properly sets the trunk_groups:

    eos_vlan { '4094':
      trunk_groups => ['mlag_peer'],
  • mock not intercepting acl.getall call (14)