Server: Error: ... cannot load such file – rbeapi/client

If you see the following error on the master:

Server: Error: Could not autoload puppet/provider/eos_vlan/default: cannot load such file -- rbeapi/client

Install the rbeapi rubygem on the server:

sudo gem install rbeapi

Server: Error: ... provider ‘eos’: undefined method api’ for nil:NilClass

If you try to apply a class or nmanifest and receive the following error:

Server: Error: Could not prefetch eos_vlan provider 'eos': undefined method `api' for nil:NilClass`

The eos provider requires a connection to an EOS device and cannot be applied on an OS that does not support Arista eAPI except in development mode.

Either ensure this manifest/class only gets applied to EOS devices or redirect eAPI communications on this system to a real or virtual EOS device:

export RBEAPI_CONF=/path/to/my/.eapi.conf
export RBEAPI_CONNECTION=<connection-name>