This module can be configured to run directly from source and configured to do local development, sending the commands to the node over HTTPS/HTTP. The following instructions explain how to configure your local development environment.

Running from source

This module requires one dependency in addition to Puppet that must be checked out as a Git working copy in the context of ongoing development in addition to running Puppet from source.

  • Ruby client for eAPI: rbeapi

The dependency is managed via the bundler Gemfile and the environment needs to be configured to use local Git copies:

cd /workspace
git clone
export GEM_RBEAPI_VERSION=file:///workspace/rbeapi

Once the dependencies are installed and the environment configured, then install all of the dependencies:

git clone
cd puppet-eos
bundle install --path .bundle/gems

Once everything is installed, run the spec tests to make sure everything is working properly:

bundle exec rspec spec

Finally, configure the eapi.conf file for rbeapi See rbeapi for details and set the connection environment variable to run sanity tests using puppet resource:



Contributions to this project are gladly welcomed in the form of issues (bugs, questions, enhancement proposals) and pull requests. All pull requests must be accompanied by spec unit tests and up-to-date inline docstrings otherwise the pull request will be rejected.